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In Their Own Words
…… is a collection of twenty portrait busts of Canadian Authors, created in papier mâché and finished with the pages of their own books, hence the title.

The collection made a debut in 2002 at the Vancouver International Writers Festival. Since then, it has been seen at library events and at arts centres across the country.

It is our intention and our hope to make the collection available to literary festivals, literacy events, libraries and school; to remind Canadians of their rich literary heritage, to re-awaken interest in some of our earlier writers, and to pay tribute to the greatest figures of 'Can-Lit'.

If you are interested in having the 'In Their Own Words' authors at your literary event, please contact the artist, Susan Longmire, or the interim curator, Alison Gordon, for more details. See tariff page.

Contact us by e-mail :
Susan Longmire                 Alison Gordon
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